• ADSL + Phone Line Repairs Perth

    Slow Internet?
    Noisy Phone Line?

    ADSL Drop Outs?

    In most cases the issue with slow internet is the internal wiring in your home especially if the home is older and over the years has had phone points added in star wiring fashion, star wiring was phone for the telephone system but with the introduction of ADSL services in the 90's this old way of wiring causes issues with the Digital ADSL service.

    With a ADSL line repair in Perth the best way to rectify you slow ADSL or ADSL dropouts is to do what we call an ADSL rewire , we have a capped price repair service for ADSL in Perth starting from $249 for a single storey brick and tile home, this includes all parts and labour to rectify the problems with the customer side of the services ( internal wiring )

    Whats included?

    With our capped price repair we will attend your property ( residential ) and do a boundary line test, this involves disconnecting the home from the street and performing a line test on your ADSL services and cables from here we will reconnect the house and perform a line and ADSL speed test on your modem point inside the home.

    From here the technician will advise on what needs to be done to get the point inside to an optimal performance level all the works included in this fix are included with our capped price repair.

    The capped price repair includes ( 1 ) point to be repaired to optimal performance normally this will include either disconnecting old non used phone points or installing a central filtering device.

    ADSL Line Repairs Perth from $249.00

    Phone Line Repairs Perth from $199.00


    ADSL Speed Test$110$110
    Capped ADSL Fix$249$349
    Capped Phone Line Fix$199$299
    New Phone Point$199POA
    MDF A-B Patch$149$149